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dvds lulu long ruling will eye. is you. and later died
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i just didn't strike him to scrape the second. boy is going to play for team three to his words were never more true. welcome the settlement a few cases of corporate excess. what did you whatever direction you approach the city. one building atomic this gathering as this one to call cathedral the more chairs was church of ireland and the biases of experts think and just say this daily functioning protestant
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cathedral is not a recognized the world over which ecumenical conference bonding activities. mortensen these industry leaders. colin open issue today we hosted a guest to the snow itunes music festival ever. we we even celebrate number four hundred you will. we danced to bring yet another word records. we look at the impact of conflict. for want of years ago and sixteen thirteen fourteen the first decreed by royal charter to need plenty of lawn today that the honorable the irish society established above the city and this country and within the city to be stopped immediately and silver steel shelves and todd were sampled in a way of a promise from a church they hoped to build a trail of promise in sixteen thirty three this magnificent cathedral was completed. not only was it the first and concerts to be felt after the reformation in the british itunes. it is the first last and if they don't adopt the euro. i was that's overkill from stella's the more that later the local boulder solis a hike called collective of
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these including flood killed the head which was what question was by far the biggest local events and for this year's field as the most successful slack however this is the first tying the best known music festival was held north of the border. an estimated five hundred fires and people buzz of the city over the week long event. while april just learning network and he'd see where she went on a storm of millions of viewers tuning in we continue north of first things i did for national with this report from seamus coleman is right method of it this is the biggest governing of iris additional music dance and song in the world. of course i never thought going to have us come today. asparagus electric it's like the snow city has been living for generations for those tend to become unsightly the right. ek. i
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mean. everybody around the bases. if the bank had met at the abbey inn on the bed. my feet get wet a bit deeper. great reading i'm a bit busy the deal was the people's demand that
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great book about it the seventy to have a tear of any incidents that at all to not write a post trying to tell you. everybody's got one from beyond the day. mid morning and already the streets of boston with people here aplomb. i mistook the street and all along the st and st the soap set off for additional players often and get this thing is fixed for the bulldogs but the oneness of all the plants straight away. here's the jist of it. but as it has been convinced to stop a given. you're pissed and sadistic for the fun part if not over twenty five with an innovative but is watching great entertaining but headed to the very friendly they are the parties have been introduced in the neck or something. what will he
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suffer through the process opened it yet now it is i buy into bins and that the skins a user posts gets an ounce and license moves to assist with both sides not too happy the home office. it is based on the top and we take this from. this is the tapes safety etc that the film's tone is like in the evening and i went wrong. it is a confidant of the regional knows that the tape just been using cheaper too. sharon but what ever i think . do you do to you to get a huge smile and a visit to the insults and appeared in the leblanc. the number fits into conflict with its new service to music and needs of
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this community. advice and support for its knees. he has and will work hard. if it happens. most of the musician playing with it. the pdp it's good to hear it the string breaks the system had been coming here to stay with its success thing that sticks to my sometimes. it's totally love it so it's good it's got to meet some friends stringer which falls in love the blade. this is pretty well settled that it had to do it. it would be tough without a test win over connecticut to report incidents to meet record time read it. i did. becca. it
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adds. she would he be deported are the ones in between with the audience here's what's one sometimes been to trade in its midst. i know that he will continue to narrow the card and jump over but it's basically been so nice. what industries. you don't claim to be. meet up together. costs. i don't want ostensible succumb to our city. fingers crossed there's talk about returning in two thousand and sixteen. stay tune for more commercial advantages too. and then reports the entrance to the cathedral. this is a
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large mortar shell fired and the pretty plants under siege he does. in the documents inserted into the school offering the service and turns ups and andrew st defiantly refused to accept and sixteen thirteen rnc intend to do with being class something equally significant was on the climbing the market liked the price setting goals. four hundred years on the day remains the only completely intact walled city and headed for the best examples of the walled city in europe. on the twenty fourth of august garry wills a scale to celebrate the market like it was four hundred years ago david said the son of a history street performers devastating weapons cost and i might stop the pain with all his teeth i see people drinking together have on hand along the walls to form a scene on the next week. but on this occasion the week has triggered by something quite unique. a full complement of bell ringers rights here and elsewhere in columns. eye. i
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knew. more than two thousand
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thirteen. what's the first year and a five year program obama persons to mark the building of their souls the first year for many years ago was what the marking on to the grind on what's the walls wooden boats. so today's events were there but on hiking the story but the marking on the walls of the legacy that is left for us today and our culture like that. it's been a wonderful pot to deduct all square. a it was the float performers as old and all on the walls including this morning the mexican we have fridges and max and opportunity to show kids the walls of the best models that there is some money for a very worthy charity and for costs. my site. it is the heir to the gaelic irish team. by skipper took one
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class of three hundred of its html. every baby but the most is that it's the fourth with downward dog. to me cr arthur somare retired people took time today to be part of making that statement but our walls. i'm stucked with the enthusiasm by which people came out in their numbers i'm actually stood for so long we think four successive waves come to amid the people of derry are part of the theater. on sunday still got on the last seven games. and. any
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the room. the i have. sth the wait and see everyone all i can open for people might celebrate the wall four
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hundred years from earth perhaps i'm living with our members. this is the puppet strings. dedicated to the manitoba and short lived several fronts is alexander born in eighteen eighteen she died in eighteen eighty five. with the wife of archbishop william alexander and it is a bit nearby several fences all examined many innocents and the state must win was no space free of our hands. once in royal david's city. there's a green hill far away and the cool kids and helped as i continue to be sold to enjoy the world so one learns that there is still known as the city of seoul. i'm in the youth center. x went something like this if they did many features of this wonderful cathedral. i like to take them to someone other than small past month and the city of culture. strom of three small bands and musical history the light of this year's made use of the festival. the ideal celebration for the story of the siege on the walls around
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the city. eco activists motion ensemble with a three week celebration of isolation sixteen dancers and musicians from all the words presented spontaneous performances of ninety seven and at the completion each of us live in st. brian and michael b begins opening exhibition of bowman street gallery. coulter couple to kill him you work for forty eminent makers for all the scruff of the pennies this home has been extent of the return of the upper right before tee off trees the copper homecoming festival on the derry londonderry off from pundits and licensed to the city. she cries and wails. the nice weather turned into thirteen fourteen and two thousand and six. re tooled year there were silver gilt shall speak out and assembled in sixteen thirty three as a promise to build a church here. not only was the promise kept the facilitator that alice and i hear they are amazing he wanted years and still use the term special services
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on display toward the sea the calm on the spot she live with it yet another record breaking attempt and i can't use of the fact the first that the liberals continue to implement against the new photographic exhibition takes place from which to start the physical five biggest cities prepared and brought mike leigh people cope with everyday life beyond the wall. just something nice too. there's something in me. any human and i on the ground. he's the guy might not be used under the guise of the car utah state university top of the neighboring country the camera and recording stuff that has or will it live from london. my friend subject to seasonal thing he
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trusts us. he is going to fall. acceptance. it is. ch just a killer. conflicts parents. most often their center. steve culture to work till the rest to your partner singer on the internet and wanted to profit. greenwald so please come and have experienced conflict. to get a project is part of this post cross here and there is a kind and not so complex plot for this injustice. data itself. it's from the scene in the wider context of the population to deal with conflict and country comfort
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so here it is certainly a time where i am on what is pleasing to the two projects called likes you to stop him these are but ten years coffers. lots of pictures of me and really intense civil war to provide the nineteen nineties. we're right in france and was seventeen. in a blue stocking. why was no reason. they need to see things. so i overcome her and her clothes so people knew it too. to express things. is it exploration. and all the time i got isaac about everything. this is one of the gta and i especially miss at least one photo below. i went to the speech. that very moment of rest a moment think so. keys away after triple discomfort. it moves. quiet quiet pictures. i just forgot
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i think is is very difficult who inform people in war photography. to make them accept. take the time to look at it. instead he wants to go to the beach. to realize is not just something nice to go or something. and all. there has to make it a try the little art project is on the site offers project which is called wall and will switch found over here don't like seven years he documented. major international border walls orange national border fences ones like israel palestine was like yes and that's going on. the spanish enclave can draw close to. it's amazing to see that sport going on there and wall st times features year in the gallery sometimes featured on the garden wall. and that is
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the final part which is the second architecture and caring. really essentially that of the way the city itself and jordan. any pointing out ways to bring reality. this is the orders to return. consultants are about media since i spy on you. it's coming straight from god. an awesome story the fountain next to mine the story. image is stored for months. so here are my
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simple blanket. people read blogs. next went on to talk to. the story. your story you mates and sometimes attributed to him. in fact percent. he accepted. dalton has to. this is to lose. this test. due to human senses. to susan. ch. she liked hardest things ever done says she'll know you weren't sure how it is hardly anything about seven mons. the current record is pale pale thirty thousand children as he took to the banks of the piano this year. that record just had to be broken and they
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better to take over thousands of people carried on today the gathered in the sunshine without standing in the comp and they have broken the guinness world records for the greatest number of people to dance rubber ducks and seemed pleased to see him came and went. here's a look at hideaway. i do the head in. the i know. half. hahha
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a gallery of the cathedral chill to the belt. you can see the interior of the building and all its ornate with ten ninety taken that some of the highlights of the study of culture program just for the eyes of the international art world will be on a day from school for boys from both teams to go to this degree of them at the temple to compete for prize pool. this year's likes of the following halloween carnivals will be better and better than the five day
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festival is said to be the tightest of its kind in europe. it was november of the story of latest project will tell the story of diverse language and the best of the people who speak of and in the air will transform from a new study that marks buildings and spaces parks and waterways into an icicle nocturnal on skype and artworks be like. sir roy was wonderful and historic cathedral we leave you with a wide as the flower. until next time bye bye bye i am
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it was listed in the loo school started. cheers everyone. we voted with
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the fight scene with its twenty twelve my priest if this is great to see the quality of the music as he speaks to something good to be here again. i'm very happy books in two thousand sixteen bits from this years that separates the farms into the back. it was. book. laura i am. and on. banks
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sustained. i was in sydney the house. i was ch. yours
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chew new warm morning long the to the base ten years. i want to put on our top stories to talking to you on friday the twenty seventh of december. on the days that


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